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1999 Evo Bobber by Björn

In 2008, Björn from Sweden sent us these pics of his awesome Harley Evo Bobber.

Björn: "Hi, Here's a few pics of my Evo Bobber. Frame is a Swedish Hogtech Bentleg Softail. Fork and triple trees are from the Swedish company Tolle. Wheels are 18" rear and 21" front Akront. Breaks and forward controls from PM and hand controls from swedish ISR. Engine is a 1999 Evo with Dyn 2000i ignition, Super E carb and EV3 cam, otherwise stock.
Björn, Sweden"

1999 Harley Bobber Motorcycle by Bjorn. 1999 Harley Evo Bobber

1999 Harley Evo Bobber. Note how the Swedish Hogtech Bentleg frame carefully leaves the impression of an oldschool hardtail frame intact!

Straight Bobber or Custom Bobber?

To us, any Bobber is either a Straight Bobber or a Custom Bobber.

For more information, check out the Bobber Republic Info Pages!

Harley Bobber. Note the removeable pillion.
Always nice to have, even on a Bobber, just in case . . .

1999 Harley Davidson Evolution Engine

1999 Harley Evo motorcycle engine. Ride it like you stole it . . .

1999 Harley Evo engine. Close-up of the 1999 Harley Evo engine

A Bobber's Tail . . .

1999 Harley Evo Bobber rear tire.

Bobber Tire. A Bobber's tale . . . Maximum Rubber!!!

Thanks Björn!

(September 2008)

1999 Harley Evo Bobber Motorcycle by Bjorn.